Marshalls Vegetable Seeds Review

This year I have got a HUGE selection of seeds from Marshalls Seeds. I really do like Marshalls seeds as they have a really good selection of different modern and traditional vegetable seed varieties, including almost all of my favourites!

Along with the seeds I have saved myself, got from seed exchanges and the rare varieties I buy these will be the main crops I am growing this year.

I wanted to share with you the varieties I got and the reasons I specifically chose them.

Marshalls Seeds

Tomato “Gardening Delight F1” – It’s said to be an improvement of the original Gareners Delight variety that I have enjoyed growing in my garden for the last 10+ years.

Courgette “Goldmine” – A wonderful yellow courgette variety that seems to do well in the UK’s unpredictable summers.

Dwarf French Bean “Satelit” – Marshalls recommend this variety for shows so I’m hoping to enter these beans into the local show in summer.

Broad Bean “De Monica” – I like to grow this variety for the beautiful flowers as well as the tasty beans. The plants are incredibly hardy and reliable in my experience.

Climbing French Bean “Cobra” – Super-productive! Quite similar to a runner bean but with a slightly better taste and not at all stringy.

Carrot “Resistafly” – Not grown these before but I’m hoping they will help me beat the carrot fly!

Beetroot “Boltardy” – A trusted variety that always preforms well for me.

Runner Bean “Firestorm” – I like to mix these plants on a wigwam with Cobra french beans for a longer cropping season and mix of flavours.

Shallot “Zebrune” – This is one of my long time favourites. I originally found out about these from Dan at the Allotment Diary and have loved them ever since! These are a “must try” for everyone!

Carrot “Autumn King 2” – A wonderful maincrop carrot that stores well over the winter.

Pea “Hurst Green Shaft” – Small peas that are sweet and easy to grow.

Leek “Oarsman” – Last year these grew far better than the standard Musselburgh leeks, I’m still harvesting these huge leeks in March.

Tomato “Sungold” – This is my favourite garden crop of all time. By far the sweetest tomato available with a really nice tangy aftertaste.

Pumpkin “Polar Bear” – This is a variety that is new to me but will make spooky halloween pumpkins.

Calabrese “Komodo” – I’ve been having some problems with clubroot so am trying this resistant variety in the hopes of better crops.

Cauliflower “Tirza” – A really early variety that I’ve heard some really good things about.

Sweetcorn “Honeydew Improved” – I’ve grown this variety for years and love the Honeydew sweetcorn! Very reliable even on my cold allotment site.

Marshalls are a great seed company, they give a generous quantity of seeds, the packets are very detailed and their service has always been great. I’d highly recommend you check out their seeds.

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