Growing Radishes For Harvesting In Less Than 1 MONTH

Growing Radishes

Radish are one of the quickest and easiest crops to grow with crops possible in just a month in the peak of the growing season. Vegetable Gardening can seem like a slow process but by growing radish and some quick growing lettuce leaves you can have a harvest very early in the growing season. French … Read more

Growing Spinach From Seed Without It Bolting


Spinach is a really wonderful vegetable that has a variety of uses; young leaves are ideal for summer salads with the larger autumn and winter leaves being perfect for boiling or omlets. When it comes to growing your own spinach there a few things that you need to watch out for but with some careful planning … Read more

The HUGE Benefits Of Growing In Soil Blocks

The HUGE Benefits Of Growing In Soil Blocks

Over the past few years I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about soil blocks, they have become very popular with market gardeners and were recently featured by Monty Don on BBC Gardeners World. Over the past few weeks I have been trying one out for myself to see if they are really as good … Read more

Make Compost In Just One Month


This is one of my favourite ever YouTube videos featuring Mick Poultney teaching step by step how he produces incredible compost in just one month. The method is fairly simple but seems to be incredibly effective! This is a must watch for every gardener in my mind.

Creating A No Dig Vegetable Garden

Creating A No Dig Vegetable Garden

Why is no-dig better? From my small trials with no dig gardening I have found this method to be superior to traditional double digging. Weed seeds are not dug to the top of the soil to germinate every year. No back breaking digging is needed every year. The crops from dig vs no dig beds … Read more

Using easyMulch In The Garden

Using easyMulch in the garden

The benefits of mulching the garden, especially bare ground over winter is something that is widely accepted as being incredibly valuable. Not only does a mulch protect the soil microbiology but it helps the soil structure, prevents leaching of nutrients and stops weeds. Over the years I have tried quite a few different products. Woodchips … Read more

4 Unusual Tomato Varieties That Look & Taste Incredible!

4 Unusual Tomato Varieties That Look & Taste Incredible!

If you are looking to try something new and different this year then there is nothing better to experiment with than tomatoes. Here are four strange, unusual and potentially weird varieties that we have enjoyed growing. Tomato “Black Cherry” – this is an old “black” variety that has a superb smoky taste. It’s an open pollinated … Read more

Edible Flowers Perfect For Summer Salads

Edible Flowers Perfect For Summer Salads

There is no doubt that flowers are an essential part of any beautiful garden. Can you eat them too? The answer is YES. Summer salads can be transformed using just a few stunning edible flowers. A word of warning before we begin: you must be able to correctly identify the plants in your garden before … Read more

How To Do A Soil Test & Why It’s Important

How To Do A Soil Test & Why It's Important

Soil testing is something that home-gardeners don’t often do however testing your soil will help guide you towards the correct amendments to add to your soil. When growing a large number of crops intensively (for example a veg plot or allotment) it’s really important that you are working with good soil. I got my soil … Read more

Best Veg To Grow In Containers?

Best Veg To Grow In Containers_

Every week I receive emails from people wanting to know the best vegetables to grow in containers. Here I share 3 vegetables that are best for growing in containers. Runner Beans No other crop thrives in containers like runner beans do, they are one of the best veg to grow. Not only can you get … Read more