Our New Vegetable Protection Cage

Garden Netting Cage

Why We Love Our MainFrame Cage

  • They are a new, small, British based family company.
  • It was difficult to find a frame that would fit well into our tiny plot. The MainFrame cages however can be easily cut down to any size. We cut almost a foot off the length of our frame to make it fit perfectly.
  • I’m tired of brassicas being eaten by caterpillars, I haven’t found any way of getting rid of them without nasty chemicals. That being said, the butterfly netting should keep all caterpillars off the plants in the frame.
  • The frames are really really strong. Although it’s best to take the netting off in winter, mine was covered in 8 inches of snow without any problems. I’m certain that any plastic or cheaper cage would have broken with the weight.

Check out their cages on their website here, or follow @MFDLimited on twitter.

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