How To Repair A Damaged Lawn

If you have a damaged lawn, it can prove to be a good idea to repair it. Lawn can get damaged due to your own negligence or due to some natural phenomenon like excessive rain or animal disturbance. It might be damaged due to the fact that in past few weeks you were too busy and there was no proper care done.

However badly the lawn is damaged, it can be repaired. Also, the steps taken to repair a damaged lawn and the intensity of those steps will depend on how damaged the lawn is.

The first step to take is to see how badly damaged the lawn is. In case it has faced only some negligence, it can be saved by spending just a few moments care.


In case the lawn is very badly damaged, it is the point where the gardener has to think and decide if the repairing efforts should be put in or not. If there is too much moss, and the grass is almost gone, it might be easier to start a new lawn. However if there is some scope of repairing the lawn there are certain steps to be taken to repair the damaged lawn.

The first step to take to repair a damaged lawn is to cut down the lawn. Height of the lawn should be maintained at 10mm at maximum. If the grass is already below this height, the next step can be taken. If not, the first step should be mowing the lawn.

Top Dressing Lawn

Next step is to focus on the quality of grass. Grass should be fed at this stage with some fertiliser so that the growth can speed up. The best way would be to scatter the fertiliser with your hand. In case the lawn is dry, water it after spreading fertiliser. After a few days, use a scarifier to comb the grass that exists in the lawn.

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Scarifier is used because it helps in combing but it does not create any bald patches. Again, it is important to ensure that the grass is watered afterwards. After this stage, it is important that some gap is given to the grass to grow again. This fresh grass is to be cut with a lawn mower in a few days.

Afterwards, give the grass a three day gap and later on apply a weed killer too. All these steps will leave the grass in a better form. If required, further fertilisers can be added after soil analysis tests. The lawn will be now ready to sow new seeds.

Image sources: EurofitDirect and TodaysHomeowner.

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