Make Your Own Liquid Feeds And Fertilizers

Comfrey is one of the best plants that you can grow in your garden. Not just because of it’s beautiful flowers that the plant has, or for the thick green leaves. There is a different reason this is a plant that every serious gardener MUST grow.

It makes the greatest fertiliser.

And that’s the secret ingredient in making this special feed.

The roots of a comfrey plant go extremely deep into the ground brining up a lot of nutrients to the leaves. These leaves are perfect for making a fertiliser from.

It’s not without it’s problems though.

The traditionally method of making a fertiliser from comfrey results in a liquid that smells so bad you wouldn’t want to go anywhere near it never mind feed your plants with it regularly.


You can look up online how to make comfrey fertilisers using the traditional methods and you will find a lot of great information.

Right here though we are going to talk about a way to use comfrey in a slightly different way that is MUCH easier and doesn’t smell bad.

Here is how you begin…

Cut a large handful of comfrey leaves (you can do several cuts of one plant in a season) and place them into a bucket. DO NOT add any water, you will just need to cover the leaves. They will need to stay in this bucket for 10-14 days so they begin to rot slightly.

Liquid Plant Feed

After this time add some water so you cover the leaves. The comfrey will need to be left covered in this water for 24 hours. The result is a brown liquid that hardly smells at all.

Now you have the base of your fertiliser. Just go ahead and dilute this and you can begin to feed your plants every week with this amazing fertiliser!

That’s easy enough, right?

It’s my honest belief that ANYONE can make this fertiliser without having to spend any money OR doing a lot of “dirty work”. And not only will your plants love this comfrey based food but it’s also 100% organic too!

Image Sources: Gardeners World and Ask Organic!

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