Lafuma Futura Garden Chair Review

I think its more than fair to say that Lafuma make the ultimate recliners, they are very well built, incredibly comfortable and well worth considering buying for relaxing in the garden. After all, it’s not all about digging and weeding, there has to be some relaxation time too!

In this article I’ll review the Lafuma Futura garden chair and the things I like (and don’t like) about it!

Lafuma Futura

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How Comfortable Is The Lafuma Futura?

This is the question that really matters.

After an afternoon of hard work in the garden it’s important to have somewhere comfortable to sit and relax. I would go as far as to say that the Futura garden chair is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. The chair is really ergonomic, the PVC canvas shapes around the body and the chairs sitting positions all make this a delight to sit in.

It is worth mentioning that when the chair is fully reclined it’s in the “zero gravity” position – this means your legs are above your heart – which is considered (by NASA!) to be the ultimate relaxation position.

For comfort I would rate the chair 1010.

The Design & Build Quality

I always try buy from companies who build incredible quality products that will last a lifetime and that really does seem to be the case with Lafuma, it’s clear that my Futura chair is very well built and that does seem to be true across the entire Lafuma range.

Many others similar chairs I have seen have a lot of cheap feeling plastic parts but that isn’t the case with this chair, the chair frame is made from powder coated steel and the plastic that is on the chair (on the armrests for example) is incredibly thick and strong.

Check price & stock levels on Amazon

The chairs canvas seems very strong and well built but also very comfortable.

Under the arm rest is some dials that are used to provide resistance and lock the chair in position. They do work fairly well but some movement is still possible even when the resistance dials are as far as possible. This is really the only design problem that I can find with the chair.

The Futura comes with a 2 year guarantee. Spare parts seem to be easily bought so if/when parts start to fail in the future they can be replaced rather than having to replace the entire chair. This is a big positive in my eyes.

Important Key Features Of The Lafuma Futura

The Futura has a lot of little details that make this chair really comfortable and sturdy. The built in cushion (it is removable) is well padded and fits well with the chair. The footrest also has a plastic covering to prevent any dirt or damage to the paint. Small features like this are what really show how much work has gone into designing this and making the best quality chair possible.

Storage is incredibly important for garden chairs. The Futura is a very big chair when opened fully but it folds up to be very easy to store, the closed dimensions are 71cm x 96cm x 17.5cm which means a few of these chairs would store easily in the back of the shed.

As for the price it seems to be around £175 but it does vary.

For those who are looking for a really comfortable chair for the garden I can’t recommend the Lafuma Futura enough, although it’s slightly more expensive than some other recliners this is more than made up by the comfort, build quality and the fact that I this chair could last a lifetime.

Check price & stock levels on Amazon

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