How To Improve A Lawn By Top Dressing

Lawns can be improved by top dressing. This target can be achieved only if one knows precisely what top dressing procedure is. Top dressing is a procedure that is an essential part of sustainable lawn management. It is incredibly beneficial for the lawn.

Top Dressing Lawn

If top dressing is to be done in a lawn, it is better to do it after the aeration or scarification of the lawn. Top dressing has to be timed properly and for that, one should plan the procedure in detail before actually going for it. A lawn can be improved a great deal by top dressing, but this can only be done if top dressing is done in the right way.

The first step is to observe the existing situation of lawn. If the lawn has some bare areas, the process starts with adding grass patches which are new and seeding the lawn. When new grass is to be added, the best way would be to do it after renovation tasks are done. Addition of grass or new seeding can be done before adding top dressing or after that is done.

Decisions of timings for adding seeds and new grass depend a lot on the existing state of the lawn. If the lawn needs a lot of top dressing seeding should be done afterwards. When top dressing is added, the seeds if already sown might move around while the gardener tries to level the soil. If the situation is different and only a light layer of top dressing is to be added, then seed sowing can be done earlier. Topdressing enriches the whole lawn soil and as a result, the plantation growth is better which helps in improving the overall look of the lawn.

Quantity of top dressing soil depends on the requirement of the lawn. If it is in bad shape, more than 3 to 4 kg per square meter might be required. However, in case it is a lighter dressing just to keep the whole lawn smooth, it can be less than 1 kg in the same sized area. The amount also depends on type, nature and look of the lawn. When top dressing is being applied, it is important to be done on a dry day.


At every few steps, place a pile of soil for you to spread over the area of your lawn. Spreading the soil properly and watering it lightly afterwards is important for improvement of lawn through top dressing.

Image sources: EurofitDirect and TodaysHomeowner.

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