Heating A Greenhouse With A Hotbox Sirocco

The winter is well and truly here. The rain, wind and a bit of snow is already battling the veg plot. This has given us a chance to try out our new Hotbox Sirocco greenhouse heater. Our 8×8″ greenhouse has proved incredibly valuable but heating in the winter allows us much more opportunity to grow tender crops even into the depths of winter.

With the help of the heater we still have tomatoes, Christmas potatoes, tender salad leaves and autumn onions still growing strong in the greenhouse. The heat from will allow us to sow crops much earlier in the year than we would otherwise be able to. In the past I’ve had trouble starting tomatoes, cucumbers and beans early in the season but the accuracy of the Hotbox Sirocco will prevent any future problems.

Greenhouse Plants

Now on to the Hotbox Sirocco.

It’s the smallest of the Hotbox heater range, ideal for the home gardener. It keeps my 8ft square greenhouse heated without any problems. I would suggest if your greenhouse is significantly larger you upgrade to the more powerful Hotbox Superb.

Hotbox Heater

I chose this heater based on the incredibly accurate thermostat. I have tested it, it’s VERY accurate. Most electric heaters have low quality thermostats that are not very accurate, this leads to the greenhouse being heated to much (costing money!) or worse not heating to a high enough temperature (leading to your plants dying). Propane and paraffin heaters are so inaccurate it’s not even worth mentioning them.

The cost of running the heater seems reasonable. The heater only runs when the temperature drops so no energy is wasted. I have previously used cheap paraffin heaters with no thermostat which although are cheap to buy are costly to run constantly. I much prefer the Sirroco in this respect.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Hotbox range is still made in the UK and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

So far I’m really happy with this heater, I would certainly rate it 9/10.

Expect to see MUCH more about this heater when I begin the early sowings in January!

The Sirocco is available from Amazon by clicking here.

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