Growing Tomatoes In Hanging Baskets

Growing tomatoes in hanging baskets is very easy to do. By growing bush tomatoes in a hanging basket you can have a plant that is not only incredibly productive but also attractive. Unlike growing tall tomatoes, bush varieties take almost no work, t’s really as simple as watering daily in the summer and picking the tomatoes as they are ripe.

This article will teach you step by step from growing to harvesting your own tomatoes in hanging baskets.

Tomato Plant In Hanging Baskets

Tomato Varieties Recommended For Growing In Containers

Tomato Red Alert – Red Alert tomatoes are small but very tasty tomato. You’ll get very early tomatoes from this vareity which brings the added benefit of very good disease ressistance. Ideal for growing in hanging baskets as the plants spread is only 18 inches.

Tomato Tumbling Tom Red – the most popular vareity for growing in hanging baskets and pots. Tumbling Tom Red tomatoes are very sweet, juicy and tasty. Also try Tumbling Tom Yellow if your looking for something a little bit different.

Tomato Bajaja – although this is one of the smallest tomato vareities available the crops of tiny cherry tomatoes can be amazing – up to 700 per plant. Tomatoes from this variety are very small but tasty. The plant is small enough for a 10-12 inch hanging basket.

Sowing Your Tomato Seeds

Bush tomatoes for growing outdoors need to be planted after the first frost is over. Late march is a good time to begin planting tomato seeds. Sprinkle your seeds (8-10 is usually a good amount) in a 4 inch pot of compost and cover with a light layer of compost. Water until the surface of the compost is damp.

Tomato Seeds

If the weather is right you should notice the seeds germinate, however if the weather isn’t right it can take up to two weeks for the seeds to show through.

After about eight to ten weeks the seedlings should now be big enough to handle. It’snow time to pot these into individual pots, each tomato plant will need a 4 inch pot to grow in. It’s best to use a fork to pick out the seedlings but be careful not to damage the roots. Once potted into the larger pots, water well.

Growing Tomatoes In Hanging Baskets

Tomato Plant In Hanging Baskets

Once the tomato plants begin to show signs of flowering it’s time to pot them on into a hanging basket.

Some people recommend growing multiple tomato plants in one hanging basket however I recommend growing tomato plants individually in a 12 inch hanging basket. At this point you can also plant a few small flowers in your hanging basket if you are looking for a hanging basket that looks good and is productive.

Once you plant these plants into the hanging baskets it is important that you water them well.

Hanging baskets often don’t hold water so on sunny days you will need to water everyday. Now is also a good time to start feeding your plants, follow the instructions on the pack.

Image sources: Gardeners World

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