Growing Radishes For Harvesting In Less Than 1 MONTH

Radish are one of the quickest and easiest crops to grow with crops possible in just a month in the peak of the growing season. Vegetable Gardening can seem like a slow process but by growing radish and some quick growing lettuce leaves you can have a harvest very early in the growing season.

French breakfast is my far the most popular radish variety to grow but you can find some stunning old heritage varieties that can range from orange, green to a deep red colour which makes a great effect in a salad.

In this article you’ll discover how to quickly get started growing radish.

Growing Radish

How To Grow Radish

Once you have selected the variety you wish to grow the next step is to prepare a seed bed for growing in. Radish grow very quickly and do not remove a lot of nutrients from the soil so will grow easily in relatively poor soils. The bed however must be prepared well to a fine tilth as direct sowing is essential.

Radish Seedlings

Sowing can begin as early as March right up to early June. Although radish are quite cold hardy and will grow in March they will take slightly longer to mature (around 6 weeks) than seeds sown in May.

Create a seed drill about 34 inch (2cm) deep and sow the seeds thinly (1cm) apart).

Germination will be quick with the plants usually showing after 10 days, after this it’s time to begin thinning the plants. The plants should be thinned to be about an inch (2.5cm) apart.

Keep sowing radish regularly, planting a few seeds every two weeks will give a constant supply of sweet radish over the Spring and summer months. In mild areas it is possible to do extra sowings in September for harvests in October and into November.

Caring For Radish Plants

There are two things that are essential to get a good crop of radish. First of all is weeding, any plants that are competing against the radish will slow down growth and may result in the radish becoming old and woody. Secondly, is watering regularly if the weather is dry as this will keep the radish sweet, crisp and juicy.

Other than these very basic steps radish actually need very little looking after indeed. In some rare cases birds eating the leaves can be a problem with letting being the only real solution to this.

You can usually begin harvesting the radish after less than a month with the main crop being ready for harvesting after about six weeks. Radish taste best when still small so it’s best to eat them at around the six week stage and not allow them to become older, more spicy and woody.

Radish Plants

Image source: DIY Network and Burpee

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