Why Every Vegetable Gardener Needs A Greenhouse

Every vegetable gardener needs a greenhouse. There are no two opinions about this statement. Greenhouses can help significantly extend the viable growing period in the garden. Having a greenhouse in the garden also helps propagating plants, sowing early seeds and hardening off. Improved control over temperature and provision of heat in the areas where it is required is all possible by having a greenhouse in the garden. These elements make a greenhouse a very important requirement of every vegetable gardener.

The benefits originating from having a greenhouse can only materialise if certain important issues are taken care of while selecting a greenhouse. A vegetable gardener can benefit the most from a greenhouse is the site selected for the greenhouse is appropriate. It has to be an open site so that the sunlight reaches it naturally. Greenhouse location should be selected carefully keeping in view the fact that sun will be lower in winters.


Also, the location should be dry and it must have good air drainage. In case the location is too exposed, greenhouse can be affected by damage caused by wind. Another important point which can help a vegetable gardener in getting the best out of his or her greenhouse is the size of the greenhouse. Size of the greenhouse does not depend on any fixed figure but it has to be decided according to the situation. Every vegetable gardener uses greenhouse in a different manner. Size of the greenhouse should be decided according to the purpose this greenhouse will serve.

It’s worth noting that every gardener who has a greenhouse wishes they had built one twice the size. A greenhouse can fill with plants incredibly quickly!

Every vegetable gardener can take benefit of a greenhouse in multiple ways, by applying different glazing types. Horticulture glass is the cheapest type and is usually used by most of the gardeners. Safety glass is a tougher version of the cheapest glazing form. Sometimes when safety is much more important, plastic glazing is used which does not break down but it stops the light to some extent. Other important issues to look into include the shape of the greenhouse and ventilation arrangement here.

Every vegetable gardener needs a greenhouse because if the size of the greenhouse is appropriate and its glazing is done in the required manner, selecting the right location for the greenhouse will mean a MUCH longer growth period for the gardener. Having a greenhouse should mean that you can extend your growing season by at least a month either side of the main season. Taking care when choosing your size, location and ventilation is important though.

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