Cucumber Growing Guide

Cucumbers are important ingredient of a healthy diet. Cucumber has water as its most important ingredient and as a result, it acts as a good source of energy and keeps one hydrated while observing a weight loss diet. Although cucumbers can be easily bought in supermarkets, it is always better to grow such things at home. Cucumber is frequently eaten by people who want to have healthy life style and a good skin. As a result, the demand of cucumbers is high almost all the time. The best idea to have access to high quality and healthy cucumbers is to grow them in your home garden. It is a fact that cucumbers can be grown in your home garden.

It is even easier if the cucumbers are to be grown in a greenhouse. Cucumbers require a lot of water to grow as well as some very strong support. While growing cucumbers in your greenhouse, you have to often water the plant and provide it some support through natural or artificial means to grow. However, all this effort results in some really delicious cucumbers which are home grown and thus completely healthy. When home grown, cucumbers usually have good taste and are better for health too.

Cucumber Growing

If no chemicals are used in growing these cucumber plants, they prove to be really good in taste and in their impact on your health. If you plan to grow cucumber plants at home, it is ideal to sow indoors in the months of April and May. Planting in greenhouse is best option during the months of May and June. Harvesting in either case is usually in the months of July, August and September.

Growing Cucumbers In A Greenhouse

To get best results from cucumber plants, it is ideal to provide the plant some support to grow on. The plants climb and can get very big over the later summer months. The weight of the cucumbers is also an issue which means the support must be fairly strong.

Watering cucumber plant is required regularly. This should be done carefully. Watering time and again suggests that in each watering there should be little water provided to the plant. It must not become waterlogged at any stage. This exercise is to be repeated for a few weeks. Usually fresh green cucumbers are available within three months. They are to be cut from the plant when they reach a length of 6 to 8 inches. It is better to cut them off while they are still relatively small.

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