How To Choose The Right Location For A Greenhouse

Greenhouses can make a vegetable gardener’s job much easier. A greenhouse can help improve and extend the growth season of vegetables. However, the benefits from the greenhouse can only be reaped by the vegetable gardener if the right location is selected for the greenhouse. The location of a greenhouse needs to be sunny, airy and dry all at the same time. A location which is airy and dry but which lacks in providing ample sunlight will not be of complete benefit for the gardener. Similarly, if the location gets ample sunlight in one season and gets very little in the other, it is not an appropriate place for a greenhouse which is supposed to be there for at least a year.


If a greenhouse is placed at a point where a lot of wind can destroy the greenhouse, or it can at least stop or slow down the performance of greenhouse, the location is not right for the greenhouse. Choosing the right location for a greenhouse is very important. There are certain important elements to consider when it comes to selecting the right location for a greenhouse.

A greenhouse can provide ample benefit to the garden by extending the growth period and by offering control over temperature. The location selected for the greenhouse thus must help the greenhouse in ensuring temperature control. If the location selected has good exposure of sun, it is good. The location of the greenhouse thus needs to be in an open place. In other words, the location should allow the greenhouse to get ample sunlight. This must be the case in all seasons. The angle of the sun is different in all seasons. If the greenhouse gets sunlight in one season but fails at getting sunlight in the other season, the location is not right. While choosing the right location for the greenhouse, some people move the greenhouse according to season to the best suitable spot. This can be possible only in case of small gardens though as existing beds, structures and sheds can easily be in the way.

While choosing the location of the greenhouse, it also should be seen that water draining should be possible from that location without any problem. Air drainage is equally important too. Damp air or stagnant air can halter the growth of plants or at least it will not bring out the expected benefits of the greenhouse. Wind damage must be avoided. The location selected for the greenhouse must be in some sheltered area.

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