Best Veg To Grow In Containers?

Every week I receive emails from people wanting to know the best vegetables to grow in containers. Here I share 3 vegetables that are best for growing in containers.

Runner Beans

No other crop thrives in containers like runner beans do, they are one of the best veg to grow. Not only can you get huge harvests from a single pot but they will put on a display on beautiful delicate flowers for months.

A large pot is needed, I personally use a 75 litre Trug for growing runner beans in.

Half fill the pot with multipurpose compost, add two layers of newspaper and then fill to the top with compost. Runner beans are a hungry crop and need moisture to grow, the newspaper will hold the moisture which will reduce the amount of watering required in the summer months.

Once the seedlings emerge make a bamboo garden teepee using eight 8ft long canes. Beans grow vigorously and will quickly cover the frame with flowers and crops of beans.

Best Veg For Containers

All runner bean varieties will grow well in containers.

Lettuce Leaves

Lettuce In Containers

One of the best veg to grow simply because they are foolproof. Almost any container will do as long as it holds at least 2 inches of compost.

Ideally multiple pots will be sown at monthly intervals over the season. Using the pots for cut and come again lettuce will allow you to harvest leaves for 7 months of the year. The beauty of growing vegetables in containers is that these can be brought indoors onto a windowsill to extend the season even more.

Seed packets containing mixed lettuce or cut and come again seeds are best for growing in containers.

Baby Carrots

There is no doubt that carrots can be grown well in containers. Show growers use this method (using barrels as large pots) proving that carrots are one of the best veg to grow.

Deep pots are needed to grow carrots. Fill the pot with a fine compost and keep well watered throughout the season to ensure success. Consider using a fine netting in the summer months to prevent any carrot fly damage.

A good variety to pick small is Eskimo.

For other vegetables to grow in containers check out our article on growing tomatoes in hanging baskets.

Image Sources: VerticalVeg and HelpfulGardener.

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