Bathgate Champions Blend Compost Review

This season we are trying out the “Champions Blend” compost available from Bathgate Horticulture. Having had problems with many of the cheaper composts over the past few years I wanted to try one of the premium composts that has been getting rave reviews. Here is my review.

What initially got me interested in this compost is that Terry Walton and Sean Cameron (of the Horticultural Channel) both highly recommended this compost. It’s also got quite a few different awards including “Best Retail Product”.

I’ve now had the compost for several months and this has allowed me the time to seriously trial the compost with both seed sowing and for growing larger plants.

The compost is very fine with very few lumps, it holds water very well and plants seem to thrive in the compost. Seed germination seems to be high, the plants look strong and very healthy, the compost is also fine enough that the compost doesn’t need sieving for general seed sowing.

champions blend compost

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Larger plants that I have potted on into this compost equally seem to thrive and grow to be strong and vigorous. The potato trials I am currently doing in this compost should highlight this more in the coming months.

Champions Blend is a peat based compost which has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, peat makes a fantastic (but not very sustainable) growing medium and since it’s almost impossible to find a good peat free alternative I will continue to buy some peat based products.

Which Best Buy recently said that they couldn’t recommend a single peat free compost that they have tried. Being a peat based compost is the only disadvantage I can find.

Is It Worth Buying A Premium Compost?

Champions Blend is more expensive than some of the cheap composts you can buy from the supermarket or own brands from DIY outlets but is it worth it?

I think it’s worth investing a little more money getting a really high quality compost rather than going for the green garden waste composts that often have wood chips or even plastic in. This is far better than any multi purpose compost that I have previously bought.

Added Growing Amendments

Bathgate Champions Blend

Added to the compost is a special mycorrhizal fungi & probiotic soil treatment from the Envii Foundation, this is thought to help with seed germination, protect against disease and encourage strong early plant growth.

The compost also includes seaweed extract which feeds the plants and helps promote strong vigorous growth. The final added amendment is rock dust that adds trace minerals to the compost, some people refer to this as being like a multi-vitamin for the soil.

The amendments added to the compost are what really make this compost interesting, the compost alone is of a good quality, fine and holds water well but add the rock dust, mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed and you have a fantastic product.

We are using this compost in our potato trials this year and will post results shortly, this will include this compost and others as well as trials of different varieties, different containers and fertilisers. I will share more thoughts and results of this compost as the growing season progresses.

I’d highly recommend the Champions Blend compost and give it a rating of 9.5 /10.

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