Bathgate Champions Blend Compost Review

Compost is one of the most important gardening tools and low quality multipurpose composts can have a negative impact on plant development. And that means reduced yield. That’s why I have been trying out a premium compost blend and I will tell you my findings in my Bathgate Champions Blend Compost review.

I have had problems with cheaper composts over the years, so I decided it was time to go premium. Because there is such a wide range of multipurpose composts available, I wanted to try a premium compost, that has been endorsed by other gardeners. So I opted for Bathgate’s Champion Blend, as it has received raving reviews.

And I was delighted when I found out, that they now also offer a peat-free version of their champion blend. 

Bathgate Peat Free Champions Blend Multi Purpose Compost 50L
  • 50L Organic Peat Free Compost
  • 50L Organic Peat Free Compost
  • A unique formulation approved by the Soil Association

What initially got me interested in this compost is that Terry Walton and Sean Cameron (of the Horticultural Channel) both highly recommended the peat version of this compost. Which also got quite a few different awards, including “Best Retail Product”.

But what about the peat-free version? Well, Terry has also given this one a great review in the Garden News issue from 11 December 2021.

Their peat-free Champions Blend is also Organic Soil Association Approved.

For me, using peat-free compost is important, as using compost with peat is bad for the environment.

My First Impression

I want to start my Bathgate Champions Blend Compost review with my initial thoughts.

When I opened the bag and put my hand in, I was immediately struck by how fine this compost was.

All the cheap composts I used before had big lumps or wood chips in them. So, when I wanted to use it for sowing seeds, I had to sieve it first.

But with this compost I won’t have to do this, which saves a lot of time.

I did also take out a pot full to see if I could find any plastic bits. This is one of my pet hates. In my opinion, plastic does not belong in compost, even if it is deemed safe.

And to my delight I didn’t find any. 

But this Bathgate Champions Blend Compost review will not be of much use to you, if I only tell you of my first impression So let’s have a look at it in action, so to speak.

Using the Bathgate Champions Blend In My Garden

Using Bathgate Champions Blend to plant basil in raised bed

I’ve now had the compost for several months and this has allowed me the time to seriously trial the compost with both seed sowing and for growing larger plants.

The compost is very fine with very few lumps, it holds water very well and plants seem to thrive in the compost.

I also used it in my little ‘kitchen garden’, basically a tray with herbs that lives in my kitchen. I grow basil, thyme, parsley and oregano, and they all thrive marvellously. 

In particular, the basil did struggle in the past, but now, it is healthy and grows well.

As this Bathgate compost is a multi-purpose compost, I can use it for sowing seeds as well as growing more mature plants.

Seed germination seems to be high, the plants look strong and very healthy, the compost is also fine enough that the compost doesn’t need sieving for general seed sowing.

Larger plants that I have potted on into this compost equally seem to thrive and grow to be strong and vigorous. The potato trials I am currently doing in this compost should highlight this more in the coming months.

Is It Worth Buying A Premium Compost?

No Bathgate Champions Blend Compost review would be useful, if we don’t ask the question of value for money.

Champions Blend is more expensive than some of the cheap multipurpose composts you can buy from the supermarket or own brands from DIY outlets, but is it worth it?

Cheap green waste composts often have wood chips or even plastic in them.

But when we talk about value for money, we have to look at the bigger picture. The soil we grow our plants in, is the main factor for success or failure.

Compost held in two hands

If we buy low quality multi-purpose compost, we might have to feed our plants more, which means we need to buy more liquid fertiliser.

Less good compost could also result in lower germination rates and less healthy plants. This means we have a reduced yield.

We might even have to buy new plants or seeds, if the first ones fail.

On the basis of these considerations, my Bathgate Champions Blend Compost review concludes, that it is worth buying a premium compost.

But there is an additional reason to buy this Bathgate compost. Because they add ingredients to their Champion Compost blend, that will increase the plant health of anything you grow.

Added Growing Amendments

Added to the compost is REMIN Volcanic Rock Dust, Envii Foundation and Oceans Bounty Natural Seaweed Extract.

But what is all this? Envii Foundation is basically a mix of bacteria and fungi. It is a bit like a probiotic yoghurt drink for plants. 

It helps the plants to absorb nutrients to ensure plant growth. This probiotic mix will also help them to generate the right metabolites to enhance plant development and increase their resistance to diseases.

So basically, it helps the plants to grow and develop and enhance their immune system.

The Volcanic Rock Dust is a mix of essential natural minerals and trace elements. It’s basically like a multimineral or multivitamin supplement for plants.

Over 50 valuable micro and macro nutrients help the plants to develop and grow. So, young plants will grow into healthy mature plants and the mature plants will continue to grow healthily.

The Natural Seaweed Extract provides plants with additional minerals and beneficial nutrients. These are released slowly, so your plants will benefit from them throughout the growing season.

I would normally use a seaweed liquid fertiliser, but with this compost it won’t be necessary, unless I am growing very hungry plants like courgettes or tomatoes.

tomato plant

Seaweed extract does not only improve the overall health of plants, but it is also said to improve the flavour of vegetables and fruits. So this is a superb addition.

Bathgate Champions Blend Compost Review – Summary

The compost alone is of excellent quality, being fine and having great water retention.

But where it becomes really interesting and worth its money, is with the added amendments.

The rock dust, bacteria & fungi mix and seaweed extract make this a fantastic product. It will give you a solid base to grow your vegetables and fruits and give your plants the best possible chance.

We are using this compost in our potato trials this year and will post results shortly. This will include this compost and others as well as trials of different varieties, different containers and fertilisers. I will share more thoughts and results of this compost as the growing season progresses.

The conclusion of my Bathgate Champions Blend Compost review is that it is well worth buying a premium compost and the peat-free Champions Blend is a superb product.

I’d highly recommend the Champions Blend compost and give it a rating of 10 /10.

Bathgate Peat Free Champions Blend Multi Purpose Compost 50L
  • 50L Organic Peat Free Compost
  • 50L Organic Peat Free Compost
  • A unique formulation approved by the Soil Association
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