4 Unusual Tomato Varieties That Look & Taste Incredible!

If you are looking to try something new and different this year then there is nothing better to experiment with than tomatoes. Here are four strange, unusual and potentially weird varieties that we have enjoyed growing.

Tomato Black Cherry

Tomato “Black Cherry” – this is an old “black” variety that has a superb smoky taste. It’s an open pollinated variety which means you can save your own seeds. This is currently my favourite variety although many seed suppliers have begun replacing this with “Black Opal”. For taste I would really rate this a 10. Available from Amazon.

Tomato Sungold

Tomato “Sungold F1” – although not a heritage variety it’s well worth growing. I consider this one of the sweetest and tastiest varieties available today. Small and orange these are just like sweets. This variety is quickly becoming one of the most popular varieties growing in the UK. Available from Amazon.

Tomato Green Zebra

Tomato “Green Zebra” – when it comes to taste this one is different from the rest. The very tangy flavour makes it ideal mixed with other tomatoes in a salad. The tomatoes have a slight yellow tinge to them when ripe. I would recommend everyone try this variety at least once. Available from Amazon.

Tomato Super Marmande

Tomato “Super Marmande” – one of the biggest and possibly ugliest tomatoes grown today. These monsters are delicious and are really very reliable in our climate. When it comes to beefsteak tomatoes this variety takes some beating. Available from Amazon.

Image source: Jungle Seeds and Home Farmer

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